Motafrenz Car Club Inc.

Australia's oldest and largest car club for the GLBTIQ community


Motafrenz Car Club Incorporated (Motafrenz) is run by a volunteer committee, who manage the business of the Club by:

  • co-ordinating an extensive program of social events throughout the year;
  • engaging with other car clubs;
  • producing a monthly magazine;
  • administrating the Club Permit Scheme;
  • maintaining a healthy relationship with peak bodies in motoring;
  • ensuring our legal obligations as an Incorporated Association are adhered to.

The composition of the 2020/2021 committee is shown below:

Portfolio Name E-Mail address
President Alan Benedetti president (at)
Secretary Gordon Campbell secretary (at)
Treasurer Russell Lees treasurer (at)
Events Coordinator Jeff Whitehead events (at)
Social Media Coordinator Nick Bassett webmaster (at)
Publication Editor Nick Bassett editor (at)
Permit Officer / Scrutineer Mat Giacomantonio permits (at)
AOMC Delegate Chris Gallagher chris (at)
Community & External Liaision Anthony Wiseman community (at)
Membership Brett Huxtable membership (at)
Property Officer Paul Hollingworth property (at)
Privacy Officer John McLeod privacy (at)
Events Assistant Kelvin Mounsey kelvin (at)
Events Assistant Daniel Borton daniel (at)
Federation Delegate Alan Benedetti federation (at)


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