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Committee Profile: Jeff Whitehead

This section aims to help familiarise you with the Committee Members of the Club and let them share their story with you.

This month, the spotlight is on Jeff Whitehead!

Hi, I’m Jeff Whitehead…I’ve been involved with Motafrenz for about 6 years now. I first found out about the club through friends who were members.

I got involved with Motafrenz as a member to enjoy the Sunday drives. This was well before the Club Permit Scheme was around, however, I have since enjoyed having several cars on that system and bring them to the various events and enjoy learning from other members about their interesting and wonderful cars.

I have been on the committee for about 4 years now, first as AOCM delegate and then taking on Events Coordinator a year later.

My Events Coordinator role is a lot of work, but also very rewarding knowing the members enjoy the events. The role primarily involves making sure the scheduling of events is seamless so that the members enjoy what the club is about and what it does.

I also take on the role of AOMC Delegate (Australian Organisation of Motoring Clubs) who play a peak role for motoring clubs. I am proud to say that Motafrenz is equally welcome with and respected by the AOMC amongst the many other formidable motoring clubs.

My first classic car was a Windorah Beige EH Holden Special sedan from my great aunt in Ashburton. Her name was Hillary. I was the second owner and that little gem ran like a dream. It had a 2250cc or 138ci red motor out of a Torana. The rest was original. It came with crinkles in every panel but that motor ran like a dream and it did many trips to Sydney and beyond.

But I wanted something more special so I bought a Robebuck Pearl EH Holden Premier. Leather bucket seats and a heater with a fan plus carpet amongst many other luxuries. It also had the original 179ci red motor coupled to a sluggish Hydromatic.

Being the fourth owner of this car, I naturally added my name to the handbook cover that is still with the car. One day I looked up the address of the previous owners. The first one in Canterbury where Hillary the Second lived for a year. Then her working life in Ashburton just around the corner from my uncle’s house when I realised…This is my dream car I watched so many times cruise up and down Ashburton Grove, and wanted and actually ended up with it without knowing it was the same car with the same number plate. So Hillary II was meant to be the car I had to have.

My second and current project car is my Ford ED Tickford XR6 wagon and one of 296. The Tickford 4.0 Litre engine was recently rebuilt and the rusted and tee-boned Cobalt Blue wagon body replaced with the same base specification being a Biscayne Blue Futura wagon.

All the Tickford XR equipment is in superb condition including the Momo steering wheel, Recaro seats sports suspension and body decals. He (Boy) is about to be stripped for a full respray shortly keeping Boy Biscayne Blue. (Sounds like a song)

This car is a dream to drive, and over the many cars I get to drive I certainly enjoy driving it to many events and for very long drives.

Motafrenz Webmaster

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