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Committee Profile: Paul Hollingworth

This section aims to help familiarise you with the Committee Members of the Club and let them share their story with you.

This month, the spotlight is on Paul Hollingworth!

We are coming to the end of my first year back as Property Officer and I have realised that I didn’t introduce myself at the start! If you don’t mind, I’d like to do that now.

My name is Paul Hollingworth and I first joined Motafrenz in 2004. At the time I had a brand new SMART and I was encouraged to join the Club by (everyone’s favourite person) Anthony Wiseman.

I remember my first event where we were all welcomed by the President and then left late because the President’s misses took too long to get ready – I remember thinking what strange people these were (sorry David and Bruce, you know I love you xx). But, this started my long love affair with Motafrenz and my deep affection for all those involved.

During my time with Motafrenz I have held many positions on the Committee including Secretary, Editor, Webmaster, Property Officer, Club Shop Officer, Events Co-ordinator and, more recently, Property Officer again.

The one I enjoyed the most was Editor, but my goodness it was time consuming! 

Some of the interesting developments I was involved with during those earlier years was the introduction of the “new” Constitution in 2008, participating in the Rainbow Tour Down Under 2007, the renaming of the Motafrenz Rally to the Magical Mystery Tour, and the renaming of the Concours d’Elegance to the Show and Shine (the rally was changed to discourage bad behaviour, the concours was changed because our cars were mostly too crap).

I left the Committee in 2010 when I joined the Royal Australian Navy and was moved to Sydney. I remained in contact with the Club during that time, but due to posting cycles, I let my membership lapse. I left the Navy in 2019 and started to become more active in the Club again, and then, at the last AGM, I was nominated and accepted back onto the Committee.

I must tell those who haven’t been to a Committee Meeting recently that your Committee works very hard behind the scenes – but we still love to hear from you. Please consider coming to a Meeting, even if just for a catch-up, a beer, or an over-priced pub meal.

My small contribution to the Club this year was to re-organise and stocktake the contents of the trailer, and to finalise the signage for it. I also helped run a few events, and arranged the houses for next year’s ChillOut – of which, some space is still available – call me!

Motafrenz Webmaster

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