Motafrenz Car Club

Australia's premier motoring club for the LGBTIQA+ community!

Donations & Bequests

Motafrenz Car Club is one of Victoria’s oldest continuing LGBTIQ community organizations. Over the last 30 years the Club has been built on the hard work and thoughtful generosity of many people. Motafrenz provides a safe, inclusive and supportive place where members can pursue their passion for classic motoring and create lasting friendships.

So that Motafrenz can continue to support the community the Club you may consider making a donation, give a gift or leave a bequest that will provide a sound financial legacy for the future of Motafrenz. By doing this you will:

  1. Be giving back to an organization that has given you friendship and pleasure and contributing to a worthy cause.
  2. Help ensure the continuation of one of Victoria’s oldest continuing LGBTIQ community organizations.
  3. Help ensure that the Club is always in a position to withstand downturns in its finances or membership.
  4. Enable the Club to maintain (rather than increase) its current annual membership fees for an extended period of time.
  5. Give the Club’s greater ability to consider projects which may not be within the scope of the annual cash flow of the Club.

The generosity of members will in time become part of the Club’s DNA and provides a focus for philanthropy within Motafrenz in the years to come. It goes without saying that the size of the donation, bequest or gift is not as important as the gesture of generosity by the donor and all contributions should be recognized appropriately (with your consent) for the spirit in which they are given.

To make a donation

Please use this link. Donation amount can be adjusted in multiples of $25 by changing the quantity. Please email the Treasurer at and advise them of how you would like your donation acknowledged in Cruise Control magazine (or not acknowledged if you prefer).
*Please note: At this time, donations are not tax-deductible.

To give a gift

If you would like to make a gift of memorabilia, books, vehicles or other goods please contact the Motafrenz Treasurer via email at 

To leave a bequest

It’s simple. You can include a bequest to Motafrenz Car Club when you write your will. If you already have a will, you can add a codicil (a legal provision) to include the bequest. For assistance on will writing and amendment, we recommend that you consult a solicitor, a trustee or accredited wills and estate specialist.

Here is an example of the type of language you can use:

“I bequeath Motafrenz Car Club, ABN 12 377 614 012, the sum of ______________ dollars {or ___ percentage of the residual estate}, to be applied for the purposes of the Club in such a manner as its Committee may determine.

I direct that the receipt in writing of an authorised officer of Motafrenz Car Club shall be deemed proof of payment.”

For more information, please contact our Treasurer at We would love to talk you through your gift intention so that we are able to honour your wishes for years to come.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to write a new Will to make a bequest?
    No. You can simply add a clause (a codicil) to your existing Will.
  • What sort of bequest can I make?
    Bequests can be made in a variety of ways, and you can make yours to suit your personal preferences. For example, you may wish to bequeath a residual share of your estate, part of the value of your estate, a specified sum of cash, a gift of stocks, bonds or other assets, or one or some of your classic cars.
  • Where can I get advice?
    For more information, please contact our Treasurer at However, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your legal or financial advisor before making any change to your Will.
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