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Event Recap: 2022-23 Motafrenz Slot Car Champion!

Words and photos supplied by Alan Benedetti.

One of the clubs longest standing events is a low-key night of fun and frivolity hosted by one of our founding members. You have probably seen it advertised in Cruise Control and may have wondered what it is about, or may have come along to give it a try…

This event is Slot Car Racing!

And I’ve been attending this event for nearly 10yrs – do we count the Covid period in this (I think we will…)? Like all who attend, I hadn’t used a slot car since my childhood and my skills were somewhat lacking, but I thoroughly enjoyed those early nights and kept coming back!

Chris M and his partner Brian R are kind enough to host this event in their well decked out man-cave – if any female members want to come along, they’re more than welcome – one a regular basis.  

Up until recently, this was the third Thursday of the month, but with so many commitments for our hosts and those who regularly attend, this has now been paired back to a bi-monthly event. Chirs’ home set up is quite the sight – hills, a bridge, plenty of twists and turns, along with electronic timing and record keeping set up – it keeps everyone honest.

It is a fun night with a tonne of banter and chat about all things motoring and plenty of other subjects! Of course there’s a degree of competitive tension as everyone like to win, even if the race is in the name of fun…

The event is a great low-cost night too – loan cars are available from Chris or other attendees! Chris & Brian generously supply snacks, soft drinks, tea & coffee.

A few years ago, Chris set up the Motafrenz Slot Car Championship – an added edge to the night. I’ve recently been crowned the champion for 2022-23. The competition is healthy with our results often coming down to hundredths of a second.

If you are interested in attending, drop Chris a line (his details are in the event schedule). If you have any questions, my details are also on the webpage. I’m also happy to meet you at the event beforehand – I think we all know it can be difficult to go to an event for the first time if you don’t know who anyone there…

Hope to see you soon!

Driving with Pride.


Paul Hollingworth

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