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Event Recap: Annual General Meeting 2022

Words by John McLeod and Photos by Jeff Whitehead

The annual Motafrenz AGM for 2022 was held on the 6 August, at the clubrooms of the Jaguar and Austin-Healy Car clubs, in Springvale, making a change from the previous venue in Box Hill.

Especially welcome was the return to a physical venue, as through the two preceding years due to the COVID pandemic, the AGM has of necessity been held in the virtual, online world.

Indeed the new premises, for a most welcome physical meeting, were old-school traditional, being large, luxurious, and comfortable, with large spaces, lush carpeting, and subdued wood paneling adorned with various artifacts, paintings, and photographs, documenting the Jaguar and Austin-Healey’s glamorous and illustrious, past and present glories.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the premises though was the bar, which many members made the first priority to visit upon arrival.

Indeed upon arrival, each of the many members, guests, and friends of Motafrenz were personally greeted and presented with name badges and information as to the proceedings of the day.

Also upon arrival, the club had an excellent display of the newly available merchandise, being club branded clothing in a selection of items to suit all tastes, sizes, and budgets.

Being nothing but car enthusiasts, the outdoor display of many vehicles was a magnet to most, and much discussion, viewing, questioning, and even some demonstration rides took place in the large outdoor area of the premises.

As members were offered a card to fill in as to members choice of vehicle, there was a lot of careful scrutinies, but in the end, Michael F’s Plymouth convertible, resplendent in iridescent blue, took out the prize.

Shortly afterward the main event took place and the business of the AGM commenced.

New and renewing members were processed, and legal requirements as regards a quorum were established.  The minutes of the 2021 AGM were approved, and Paul, our President, gave a review of the highlights of the past 12 months of club activity.  Our Treasurer, Russell, gave a brief overview of the financial position of the club, and a motion was moved and carried out to accept his report.

The current committee was stood down, and Rod Brown kindly chaired the election of the incoming committee. 

For the 2022 – 2023 club year, the following officers were elected:

  • President: Paul Hollingworth
  • Secretary: Gordon Campbell
  • Treasurer: Russell Lees
  • Events Co-Ordinator; Jeff Whitehead
  • Content Editor: John McLeod
  • ICT Systems Administrator: Matt NM
  • Club Permit Officer: Mat Giacomantonio
  • Volunteer Liaison: Chris Dunkinson/Lach Hayes
  • Privacy & Compliance: Anthony Wiseman
  • Membership Administrator: Brett Huxtable
  • Events Assistant: Peter Dahlsen
  • Property Officer: Chris Dunkinson/Lach Hayes
  • Community Co-Ordinator: Chris Quirke
  • Federation Liaison: Trent Jones
  • AOMC Delegate: Chris Gallagher/Jeff Whitehead
  • Ambassador (Committee) Chris Gallagher

Of note this year, is the grouping of the elected officers into cooperative teams, to better utilize the resources and abilities of each individual officer, and to share and learn each other’s roles, to better serve the needs of the club.  Full details of the newly formed and various committee groups can be found on our website at

Congratulations also to Brian Rowe for winning the Slot Car Racing Championship for the 2021-2022 year and with a splendid trophy presented by Chris Meaden.

After the AGM business was completed, a most enjoyable lunch was served.

This was exceptionally well organized with a large paella offering either seafood mix, or vegetarian mix, served outside under shelter, so members did not need to concern themselves about social distancing inside, or the recommended wearing of masks, etc.

And it was a delightful lunch to savor, with many ‘seconds’ served of a thoroughly delightful meal.

Dessert was served inside, being a mix of sponge, cheese, and chocolate cakes along with coffee or tea.

After the official business had concluded and the meeting closed, the garage talk continued outside for another hour or so, as there were so many interesting vehicles to see, and tales to be told.

Perhaps it was due to the physical meeting after a long absence of catching up with friends due to COVID, but the event was very well attended and feedback was exceptionally positive as to the running of the event and the event itself.

My thanks to the organizers who put together such a great AGM and to all who contributed in some shape or form.  

Certainly a most enjoyable event for all who attended, and one not to be missed.  

Make it a date on the calendar, and see you there next year!

Motafrenz Webmaster

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