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Event Recap: ANZAC Day Drive to Crib Point 2019

Words by Jeff.

With a comfortably late start at 10am in Carrum Downs in a big empty Aldi car park, we couldn’t stop chatting for almost an hour but we had plenty of time on our hands. It was Lovely to meet Neil F and his very neat light blue Ford Capri convertible.

This day was meant to be an easy drive which it turned out to be. With only two RSVPs, a surprise of nine cars turned up. Eight of which were classics or very near soon to be classics (I think the Volvo 850 is not quite there yet) and about fifteen happy faces to enjoy an overcast but fine start to the day’s drive.

First stop was the railway station on the end of the line at Crib point. Somehow, much of the cavalcade missed the C777 turn off, and then we all got caught in the unexpected ANZAC day road closure in Crib Point. We should have foreseen that the entire HMAS Cerberus base would have been attending but no one knew this little detail. Nonetheless we all met up on the foreshore car park there as we watched the Phillip Island ferry come in and two tugboats waiting.

Lovely views of French Island too to be had from here. Anyway, Damian and his sister soon shot off to Flinders arguing that all our car badges were at risk of going missing if we went to Hastings for lunch. Except for his Volvo’s of course because they’re unremovable. We then procrastinated for a few minutes and decided we’ll join Damian in what was a very busy Flinders. Damian had found the perfect lunch spot as only a caterer of his calibre could and reserved seats for all of us at the Flinders Village Cafe. It was perfect and we all enjoyed a hearty and friendly outdoor lunch with great food. Unfortunately we lost new member Neil at busy Flinders but we do look forward to seeing Neil and his electric blue Ford Capri again soon.

From there it was off for a beautiful drive through tree covered roads to the Bottom Draw, an eclectic antiques bazaar and labyrinth in Moorooduc. With much delight and pure chance, I found David P an original brochure of his red MGB which, he was coincidentally driving this same day. This was clearly a must grab at a very reasonable price too. Peter found an ice cream tin, the same brand, size and colour that he was showing a picture of earlier. It was like a premonition. Peter D found himself a lovely brushed metal fruit bowl which he couldn’t resist. Chris G found a Laxette tin and happily sang the little advertising ditty: Girls and boys come out to play, happy and gay the Laxette way. Moving right along…

So that was it for the day with a lovely sunny afternoon finish. Another great ANZAC day had by all. And a big thanks for Damian for his choice of eating venue. And thank you to all that attended and making it so enjoyable.

Motafrenz Webmaster

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