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Event Recap: AOMC-RACV Aussie Classic Car Show 2019

Words by Jeff.

With 22mm of rain predicted, the AOMC-RACV Aussie Classic Car Show was small in numbers but still a very enjoyable day.

Gordon came along in the comfort of his velour lined Ford EB Fairmont. Probably its last trip on full registration as it will soon be on CPS. I brought my EH Holden along. With so much rain, we didn’t bother washing our cars, although Gordon claimed he washed the EB bit it didn’t look like it. I don’t bother.

From the Noodle Box meeting place, we zoomed up to Yarra Glen Racecourse to be greeted by volunteers and we all parked pretty close to the expansive covered area. Stalls were literally thin on the ground but a few nice parts collectors took our attention for a while.

The crowd that was there was great. A good few hundred at a guess. The Leyland P76 club certainly turned out in numbers as did Ford and the Holden HDT club. A sprinkling of various other international marques but fully built here were the Chrysler Royal, Minny Minor.

Gordon had never seen in the boot of a Leyland P76 so we asked an owner and he delightedly showed us. Gordon was amazed and agreed that you could put a 44 gallon drum in the boot full of air. We then started talking about the history of the Leyland P76’s 6 and 8 cylinder engines used, and Gordon was much more the petrol head on this than I was. It is an amazing history with British and American connections. There were many other friendly conversations with many car owners under the umbrellas which really made the day worth it.

Then it was awards time. My EH Holden won “Best 60’s Holden EK-EH” which was a coup as the competition was thin on the ground for EK, EJ & EH. I’m not complaining though as I’ve never won a prize before. Actually there were quite a few EH and EJs there that were much better than mine.

After the awards, it was coffee time and then off home in some heavy rain.

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