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Event Recap: AOMC-RACV British & European Motoring Show 2020

Words by Jeff.

With the usual pre-meet at the usual Noodle Box car park in Chirnside Park, it was off to the RACV AOMC British & European Motoring Show at 9:30 am at the Yarra Glen Racecourse. Not all of us made it there in time at the Noodle Box like myself who had to trundle up there in a friend’s 1936 20/25 RR which was a spendid drive either way and I was able to display it with the Motafrenz collection.

The AOMC once again afforded Motafrenz a gorgeous spot under the mature deciduous trees sharing that garden space with the Jaguar Car Club and many others.

Club members certainly turned up in a wide variety of stunning cars covering all of Europe, including new member David’s, pristine gold BMW 735 which attracted plenty of attention as did all our cars.

On the Motafrenz discussion Group Facebook page, I put out the question of finding a French Simca which were sold in Australia, and low and behold, it was Chris G who actually found the only one there. I honestly didn’t expect to see one there and perhaps even more amazing is that it wasn’t owned by a Motafrenz member, but it does go to show the massively wide variety of British and European marques that have been sold in Australia and so many of them represented at this amazing show.

The weather this day was perfect, and the event was successful, which is a change as the unpredictable weather that has been badly affecting the AOMC’s car shows for some years now, which in turn is affecting the AOMC’s bottom line. These car shows aren’t cheap to run so attending is important if they are to continue.

As you would be aware, Motafrenz is affiliated with this peak body who represent significant car clubs like us and do a lot of work in the background including the CPS (Club Permit Scheme). The next AOMC organised event is the National Motoring Heritage Day (NMHD) Sunday 17 May 2020 so we hope as many as possible will come along and support this wonderful day, weather permitting of course.

A big thank you to those that contributed to making the Motafrenz Car Club presence at this wonderful show a total success once again.

Motafrenz Webmaster

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