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Event Recap: Bathurst Barbecue 2022

Words by Chris Dunkinson and Paul Hollingworth.

As always some of the late notice, last minute events often are among some of the best – Sunday, 9th October was no exception. A short freeway drive out to the leafy Pakenham township for a sunny day of socialising, car racing, and simple social food. Twenty-five of the Club’s finest members and friends joined us for a relaxed afternoon. Food was in good supply. Most of us only saw the first five and last five laps of the race, but that’s ok. The focus of the day was to be a relaxed social Sunday and this was achieved. 

The day started with a relaxing drive up the M1 – now construction free (on the eastern part) – to the beautiful home of Chris and Leigh, and ended with some scantily-clad young bucks in the spa. What happened in between? Well, we were having such a wonderful time that we all forgot we had photographic devices in our pockets and we all just enjoyed being together – hence, no selfies, soz.

I hear there was a race on, and that it was historic as it is Holden’s last hoorah, but the food was far too distracting. A lovely indoor-outdoor barbeque, charcuterie, grazing soirée in the finest Hyacinth Bucket tradition. We also had a lovely selection of Members’ cars to browse on the leafy streets – we had Chris Q’s new VW, a borrowed electric something-or-other from Trent, Jeff’s beautiful old Holden was there, and Paul’s Morris made the hefty trip over from Deer Park – and let’s not forget Chris D and Leigh’s ten-million Mercedes Benzes! The variety of cars in this Club, and our acceptance of cars in any state of love or decrepitude make us something special.

A special thank you to Chris and Leigh for organising and hosting the event, to Jeff for taking the sole photo, to Chris for starting this article and Paul for finishing it, and to John for sourcing some stock images to make the article look pretty.

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