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Event Recap: ChillOut Parade and Carnival 2019

Words by Jeff. Pictures by Mat, Jeff, and Kate Healy from The Courier.

The Daylesford ChillOut Parade and Carnival just seems to get bigger and better year after year. The 2019 ChillOut Parade organisers had a very relaxed approach to running this event this time round. This year we just had to basically rock-up on time, and as usual help out the ChillOut organiser to out carrying the VIPs around in the parade.

After the motorbikes roared through parting the crowd like Moses parting the waters, Foxx had the pleasure of leading the Motafrenz contingent carrying the young local Edna up high and dry in his superbly customised Ford F150 and sporting two Motafrenz teardrop banners. Standing Hepburn Shire Mayor, Cr Don Henderson got a lift sitting on the back seat of Mike’s amazing Plymouth Sports Fury, complete with a new set of musical air horns to cheer the crowd on, Cesc alongside, and Mat sitting low with his pooch. Then followed by Trace in her super magnificent 1930s Super Eight Hudson, carrying myself along with stalwart members Bill, David and Steve. Then we had Shaun in Matt’s Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. Gordon and Phillip H sitting regally in the back. With all those large, eight cylinder cars out of the way, James and crew were looking great as usual with Jessica et al on foot and lots and lots of colourful feathers. Jessica’s own VW Cabrio following was driven by a friend of hers with even more extras riding in that. Then not to be outdone by Jessica’s dear friend and famous to many, the fabulous Miss Jane looking resplendent in a new red Mustang convertible the entourage being complete with a black Barina convertible. Claude was doing his last hoorah as Miss Jane ever apparently. Then we had Paul’s friend in his HG Holden ute, Doug in his red 1985 Mercedes Benz 380 SL (Candy Star), carrying Ro Allen the Gender and sexuality commissioner. Then Chris is his ultra-stylish Chevrolet Corvair with Phillip B in the passenger seat. Interestingly we didn’t have the regular flag bearing marchers and that kind of worked with the only foot traffic being with James and his colourful crew. When you see the video, you certainly get the idea that Motafrenz plays a significant and large part of this parade and we love it.

The whole parade was also clearly much bigger with only one lap of the main street this time due to the length of the parade, however when we all got to the end, there was another opportunity to tag back on and go round again with many taking that opportunity. The spectators were also en masse this year being several deep along the entire route of the parade.

From there it was off to the Carnival where Alan greeted us at the Stall Holder’s entrance to give directions to all arriving to display their cars. This year, the display was very social with lots of chatting to passing friends and interested people. There were many people interested in joining and their names were taken and will be contacted. No doubt we’ll discuss our time spent here and how we can improve it but suffice to say that we all enjoyed the good company and the marque particularly when the skies opened up for a short period only to settle the dust and make the day somewhat better in many respects than what it was. A few hours later, it was bump out time and off to the Motafrenz member’s club house barbecue down in Hepburn Springs where many long standing members did a magnificent job of preparing a great meal for the many who attended. I’m sure we’ll hear all about the clubhouse experience in another report.

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