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Event Recap: ChillOut Weekend 2024

For something a little different, this year we have the perspectives of a few different people, talking about different parts of the weekend. Please delve in and enjoy.

Motafrenz ChillOut Weekend in Daylesford: A Culinary BBQ Delight

By Chris Dunkinson

Over the weekend, Motafrenz members and guests gathered in Daylesford for a retreat filled with camaraderie, relaxation, and, of course, food. Two of the 3 nights consisted of the BBQ dinners held on both Saturday and Sunday nights at the two Motafrenz houses, where attendees were treated to a BBQ feast.

Guests were spoiled for choice with a mouthwatering selection of sausages and hamburgers, expertly grilled to perfection. But the culinary delights didn’t stop there; deliciously crafted homemade salads bursting with freshness and flavour provided the perfect accompaniment to the grilled meats.

However, the true stars of the evening were the chef-made desserts, which left attendees raving. Joseph’s culinary expertise shone through as he presented a homemade sweet treat that delighted the taste buds and rounded off the meal on a high note.

Attendees praised the quality and variety of the food, with many expressing their gratitude. The BBQ dinners not only satisfied appetites but also fostered a sense of community as Motafrenz members bonded over shared meals and unforgettable and great evening conversations.

As the weekend came to a close, participants departed Daylesford bound for the Golden town of Castlemaine for a step back in time to browse the second-hand delights of the Mill Market followed by a Motafrenz staple visit to the Das Kaffeehaus for a lunchtime meal with fellow Motafrenz members.

The success of the BBQ dinners served as a testament to the spirit of friendship and culinary excellence that defines the Motafrenz community.

Motafrenz ChillOut Weekend in Daylesford: The Magical Mystery Tour Goes Bush

By Alan Benedetti

Once upon a time in a small country town just 50 minutes from (my) home, six teams gathered on a disarmingly warm Saturday morning in baited anticipation of the events to unfold…

Our intrepid hosts for the day – Events Coordinator Daniel and President Paul were ready with our tasks at hand. Gordon was also there with biscuits and caffeinated beverages to ensure we were fully charged and ready to go.

Allowing for GAT, the teams all left at about 10.00 am for our then-unknown destination. Daniel had warned that there was an error in the questions – one of last year’s questions remained in the hunt, but which one, no one knew. Some worked it out fairly quickly (it was an early misdirection and clue). Some (we won’t name names in the interest of courtesy), followed the misdirection and ended up back at the Mill Markets…

The clues were clear – the answers not necessarily so much – although a missing water tank did prove problematic and resulted in the teams travelling one length of the road several times. This might not have been so bad, but the aromatic fertiliser (we think) was not so pleasant… We feel for those in convertibles (half of the participants…).

Before too long, the team descended upon the township of Clunes. We disembarked our trusty steeds (four Germans of two marques and a pair of Swedes) to search the main street for our last answers and to purchase sustenance. A quick photo with a local for each team and a wander looking for the long-gone fruit and veg retailer in the heat of the day was quite relaxed if the heat was not too much for you…

The final clue took us to our final locale – the appropriately named Queens Park next to the obligatory bowls club – for our result to be tallied whilst we enjoyed the recently bought lunch…

It was a very close race with all six teams only separated by 3 points – three teams tied for 4th (so much more pleasant than saying last) with only 4 incorrect answers.

Congratulations to Trent & Kelvin for your powerful observational skills! Well done to all participants for getting so much right! And thank you to both Daniel & Paul for organising such a fun day!

Alan & Vince
Team “Another Bloody Volvo”
Tied for 4th

Motafrenz ChillOut Weekend in Daylesford: The Parade!

By Nick Bassett

Sunday morning of ChillOut brings the Street Parade, a chance for organisations and individuals to show their pride. We have for the last couple of years had the privilege of taking members of Hepburn House, the Aged Care facility in Hepburn, along with us for a few laps. However, due to a COVID-19 incident, they were unable to join us this year.

About 15 cars gathered early at one of the two houses we had booked as a club and made our way in convoy to the parade route. We corralled in the holding area at the bottom of Vincent Street, ready for the parade to start. Convertibles, Sedans, Euro, Swedish, Australian and American. Lots of diversity to match our community.

We had a few people, including drag queens, and the lovely Nate Byrne from ABC News, come and look at the vehicles. There was the usual minor shuffling to get all the cars in order. And we were off!

This year our parade lap included the bottom roundabout on Vincent Street making for a much smoother lap, which quickly became two laps!

From here, some went on to the Carnival at the Showgrounds, and others headed for some different adventures…

Motafrenz ChillOut Weekend in Daylesford: Escaping ChillOut for the Afternoon

By Paul Hollingworth

After the ChillOut Parade, and in anticipation of temperatures in the thirties, many of us decided to give the ChillOut Carnival a miss this year. We reconvened at the smaller of our two houses, The Elm Tree, and waited for some more of our number (those who didn’t attend the Parade, mainly) to arrive. We then made the short drive over to the old Daylesford train station.

The grounds around the train station host the Daylesford Sunday Market. It’s a large flea market run by the volunteers of the tourist railway based at the station. Motafrenz had been here before – in the year when ChillOut didn’t run their Parade and Carnival, 2020 I think – but this time didn’t seem as interesting as then. Maybe I was already grumpy from the heat (maybe I’m always grumpy, who knows?) We did find some amazing food for lunch though, and so cheap! The potato rosti thing with an egg on top – divine!

Luckily, we had Gordon with us. He went into the stationhouse and discovered that the next tourist train would leave in about 30 minutes. We all collected our tickets and finished our lunch while we waited. The train runs along a section of the old Victorian Railways (VicRail) line, now restored, between Daylesford station and the newly restored (rebuilt) Bullarto station – a distance of just over 9 kilometres. It was a little rocky and the air-conditioned was struggling, so I made sure I swapped sides on the return trip (out of the sun). We stopped in Bullarto for about 10 minutes, stretched our legs, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, before heading back to Daylesford.

By the time we got back, the market was winding down. Luckily though, Alan was still able to buy a plant growing out of a stump – or something like that, to be honest, I wasn’t interested lol.

Daniel then suggested that we take an afternoon drive through Yandoit Hills to see some heritage-listed Swiss-Italianate stone houses. I travelled with Daniel and I found his local knowledge and town-planning insights fascinating. We then stopped at Newstead where I bought everyone an ice cream, before we all hopped back in our cars to return to Daylesford to prepare for dinner.

You have already read about the dinner, but once at the house by the lake, I went for a swim with Philip B. I have never swum in Lake Daylesford before, but it was amazing and cool – the perfect antidote to a hot and dusty day. The fact that I had forgotten my bathers didn’t bother anyone. The place was so full of sexy men that no one even noticed the fat, bald, middle-aged man in his undies.

Photos by Nick Bassett, Philip Bewley, Joseph Huang, Pete Gojkovic, and Paul Hollingworth.

Paul Hollingworth

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