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Event Recap: Christmas Party 2023 – “Point of View with Mary Christmas”

Hello everyone, it’s Mary Christmas here. Today I’m going to write about the wonderful Motafrenz Christmas-in-December party that I attended recently. I was so excited because as you know I missed last year’s because of rotten old COVID.

On this special day I woke up early and made sure that my sleepy-head brother was also awake. He greeted me and said, “Have you got your frock?” – as if I would have forgotten the Motafrenz Christmas party. And he then asked “Do you have those silly hats for the elves?” “Yes” I said, “I have full costumes for them this year and they are going to look super.”

We boarded the sleigh and headed down to Seaford. It was a beautiful sunny day and Jeff had gone to great deal of trouble to have the house and garden looking their splendid best. He had set up the marquee and tables and chairs and ice boxes so that everyone would be comfortable and shielded from the sun. The guests had brought their lunch and enjoyed talking and eating.

Suddenly the time had come to get ready for the Kris Kringle gift-giving. Jeff had decorated the Christmas tree and all the gifts in their beautiful Christmas wrapping were arrayed around it. Paul selected two elves for the day, Mick and Philip. They joined me in the second bedroom, which we had commandeered as our dressing room. I want to be very clear here: nothing dirty went on, I was a lady, and the two elves were gentlemen. We all helped each other to dress. I did have a lot of trouble with my stockings and the lovely Elf Mick helped me out there. I must say the elves looked so adorable in their mediaeval style full-length costumes, and I did my best with my usual North Pole Glamour look. Once we had dressed it was off into the garden with me ringing my bell.

The elves distributed the obligatory wrapped sweets to all the partygoers and then it was time to distribute the Kris Kringle Christmas gifts. Brett had organised the guest list for us, so I knew who to call to come forward. Each guest came to the microphone, and we discussed how their year had gone, how they had contributed to Motafrenz and what their hopes were for 2024. It is amazing what you can learn about person’s true personality with just a few questions…… After the gift-giving and chatter had ended, I and the elves returned to our dressing room. Once I had changed out of my North Pole Glamour outfit and into my travelling suit, I let my brother out of the bathroom. I had locked him in there. I do that every year because otherwise he would talk all the way through our special Kris Kringle gift-giving time, and I could never have that. And then all too quickly it was time for me to fly off back to the North Pole.

When my brother arrived back home after the party told me that people stayed hours enjoying the company and the talk before it came time to help Jeff tidy up and close the day.

So, until I see you all at Christmas-in-July, it’s goodbye from me,

Love from Mary.

The words of Miss Mary Christmas, North Pole 1, with photos by Jeffrey Whitehead and Paul Hollingworth.

Paul Hollingworth

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