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Event Recap: DATA Forest Hill to Mount Dandenong 2020

Words by Kelvin. Images Kelvin & Jeff.

A great turn out from members, a beautiful sunny evening and a sunset on the top of Mount Dandenong. The perfect way to spend a Friday evening.

This being the first event I have organized with Motafrenz, I must admit I was a little nervous getting ready, but after arriving at Glenny Kebabs in Forest Hill and seeing Michael’s Plymouth and a few members already there the nerves quickly subsided.

It wasn’t long before everyone had arrived, and it was straight into car talk and taking a good look at what our members were driving for the event. Bonnets up and door open as we all chatted and walked around.

As usual there was a vast variety of cars which is just one thing I love about Motafrenz.

Trent bought along his Z3 convertible, Chris rumbled up in his very powerful Commodore, and the Lancia made its debut with Christopher at the wheel just to mention a few.

It wasn’t long before we had stuffed our faces and decided to head off down the road to our destination on top of the mountain. The sun was shining, and the three convertibles were in their element, even if there was a few drops of rain on the way.

We arrived at the Mount Dandenong lookout parked our cars and made our way to the observatory platform. The sun was almost set and everyone enjoyed the views with good banter about what gear you were in on the way up the mountain, how much petrol the Bentley used to get up here and which stop light was dull on my Corvair.

After a while we noticed a kiosk down on the grass area with a nice outlook and seating area. We all retired down there and had a nice beverage and continued our conversations.

I had a great time seeing everyone and getting out and about after lockdown. I’m looking forward to the next event!

Motafrenz Webmaster

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