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Event Recap: DATA Glenny’s Kebabs and Sky High

Glenny’s Kebabs and Sky High has always been a popular event with many of us repeating it since Kelvin first organised the event 3 years ago in November 2020. Heading into the warmer weather, and one week out from summer seemed like the perfect opportunity to run it again.

Well that was great in theory, but the forecast the day before was for rain through most of the day. The morning seemed pretty fine, but in the afternoon, I got a few messages asking if it was still happening, and one with a link to the BOM radar. I decided to still go ahead with it, and we’d reconsider Sky High at the Kebabs.

It turned out to be a great night with 13 attendees, including three new members who hadn’t been to an event before, and one friend who is now considering joining the club.

The trip there for most of us was a bit slow with that days’ worth of rain arriving from about 4pm or so onwards. Not to mention massive puddles the whole way along and a number of other drivers losing all connection to their brains in the rain.

A special mention must go out to Matthew Gough, who upon seeing Google Maps said 2 hours and 3 minutes travel time thought that can’t be right, but I’d better leave just in case. Then learnt along the way that it wasn’t right as the arrival time slowly crept up and up. Two and a half hours to get to a Friday night Motafrenz event is a big commitment.

Highlight of the night was Howard’s Toyota Century. A 2005 6.0 litre V12 model with around 109,000km if I remember correctly. It was very immaculate with lace curtains, and a feature I’d never seen in a car before, a ski port like hole in the back of the front seat that tilted backwards, to reveal a lounge/recliner like seat for rear seat passengers to stretch their legs through to and use the front seat base as a footrest.

After dinner we all decided that there wouldn’t be much of a view from Sky High, so we decided to make a run for Daniel’s Donuts instead. There we got to sit in the comfort of the Burwood One Food Court almost to ourselves, and catch up on what we’re all doing, remote controlled planes, cancer treatments, and being a bus driver. There’s actually a pretty big shortage of bus drivers at the moment, so if anyone’s thinking about a career change, there’s plenty of opportunities driving buses if you don’t mind dealing with Melbourne traffic.

On the whole it turned out to be a really great event. Very low key and socialising with friends. But I’m not very good at taking photos at events, so there’s no pictures for this one. Instead, I’ve got some photos of past year’s that we’ve been.

Words by Daniel Borton. Traffic photos by Matt Gough. “Historical” photos by Daniel Borton.

Paul Hollingworth

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