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Event Recap: DATA – Truck Stop Deluxe – 2023

Words and Photos by Matt Gough

DATA – Drive and Take Away 19th May 2023

A wet and brisk night. Traffic banked up on the west gate due to accidents and road works. Phone calls and messages assuring us “I’m on the way but traffic is terrible”

Welcome to our Drive and Dinner night!

Humble Home of the Humble Burger

We had a nice turnout of 20 members braving the crappy weather and busy roads, to all converge on Watton St Werribee arriving at Truck Stop Deluxe, a burger and fried chicken joint. 

Looking like a B Double has Crashed the Party!

A DATA night normally involves picking up a feed and going somewhere else to eat, chat and look at cars and views… but tonight being cold out we had a sit-down feed. The company was jovial and the food was pretty darn good, No one was leaving hungry after the huge burgers were whisked out by the fast if somewhat vacant staff at Truck Stop Deluxe.

What’s a Fiat Truck doing in a Restaurant…

Lots of table hopping and chats ensued in getting to know some new faces, and also catching up with old friends; as the night wore on I was able to check out a couple of new members’ cars. 

A chilly and wet night warmed by Good Company and Good Cheer…

Matt NM’s hot little A180 Sedan was jam-packed with the latest tech and driver assists, plus a good Harmon Kardon stereo – congrats on the purchase; it’s a cracking little car.

Toby & Chris recently took delivery of a silver 2007 Citroen C6 2.7HDi – it’s in fabulous condition and is a testament to its former keeper. Very jealous of these two now getting to float down the road in a cocoon of exquisite French fancy. Enjoy the magic carpet ride.

More Good Company, Good Cheer, and a Mexican Wave…

There were plans to kick on at a wine bar afterward, but it was decided to abandon these as many of us were knackered after a day’s work – but all in all, it was a great catch-up.  

Good to see some familiar and new faces – till next time – Safe Driving

Matt Gough.

Motafrenz Webmaster

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