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Event Recap: Dinner & Drive In 2022

Words by Chris G.

Our regular monthly Drive and Take-away (DATA) event came around on Friday 20 May, sensibly avoiding Friday the 13th.  This time car buffs and movie buffs had the opportunity to coalesce their interests on an evening drive to the Dromana Drive-in on the Mornington Peninsula.  Those of us who live westwards and/or in Geelong were privileged with an extra long drive to the designated meeting spot in a quiet square in Edithvale on the Bay.  After recovering from the shock of the eleven participants meeting on time, we caught up with all the latest goss and then eyes inevitably turned to under-bonnet viewing.  We were delighted to be joined by several members of the Car Gays Facebook group.  It was a real pleasure to meet them in person and put a face (and a car) to a name that has become familiar over social media.  It was also lovely to see Jeff W again and his gorgeous Falcon XR6 Tickford station wagon.

As the light was failing, and since we must have been looking like we were up to no good casing the residences around the square, we headed off to find a suitable venue to eat.  We found an interesting pizza and beer place, Bo Gurks on the Nepean Highway.  There we could buy a pizza and choose from an enormous selection of boutique beers from around Australia.  The choice was a bit overwhelming but we each finally made a decision.  What we hadn’t anticipated was the popularity of Bo Gurks.  It was packed. Nevertheless, we got our pizzas and beer and sat on a convenient planter box outside.  Our mere presence soon had the required effect because in a few minutes a couple of tables outside were vacated and we finally had somewhere to sit!

Now having happy, full tummies, we powered down the Mornington Peninsula Freeway to the Dromana Drive-in which, amazingly, has survived all these years and is still going strong.  The only aspect spoiling the mid-century vibe was the audio being “narrowcast” through the FM band.  No longer the thrill of driving off and taking the speaker and pole with you!  Of the three films on offer we chose The Lost City, a comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, with Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe for good measure.  While hardly taxing on the intellect, it was most agreeable entertainment full of good belly laughs.  Our screening was at 9:00 PM so we had plenty of time to adjourn to the cafeteria to buy popcorn, fizzy drinks and choc tops.  No one could sensibly deny that a movie without these essentials is like an egg without salt or a man who does not wax his moustache (not that I’d know, of course).  While waiting to be served we could admire all the Disney and Pixar memorabilia set around the shop.

When the film ended, we bade each other farewell and set off home.  Thanks to Chris Q for organising such an enjoyable evening.


Motafrenz Webmaster

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