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Event Recap: Drag Bingo, October 2023

With so many ideas from the committee’s events planning workshop, and the Spring weather arriving, we decided to add an extra weeknight event in with a cheap dinner and Drag Bingo.

There was 14 of us in total with a mix of regular Motafrenz events attendees, and those who don’t make it along as often. I’m sure I’m not the only Motafrenz member who greets Karen and Jeanne with “Hi, I can’t remember your names, but I know you have a Coaster”, which they still have!

We started the night with cheap Chinese and Malaysian dinner at one of the many restaurants in Hopkins Street Footscray. It’s one of those strips where bad meals are rare because there’s so much competition, only the good places survive.

After dinner we headed a few doors down to Pride of Our Footscray (POOF), a community LGBTIQA+ pub upstairs above an Asian grocer to take our seats for Drag Bingo. I’m not going to give too much away about the night, mainly because we’ll definitely be running it again and don’t want to spoil too much. The staff are all really friendly, walking up for a chat with patrons, and doing their best to make sure everyone has a great night. They have their main bar, and a cocktail bar at the front as well.

But onto the main event, Drag Bingo! If you haven’t been before, at POOF they play five rounds with a bit of a break between some of them to get your drinks refilled and have a chat. Our host, Holly Pop, not only kept everyone on their toes, engaged and laughing throughout the whole night, but she did the most wonderful job of remembering absolutely everyone’s names that she spoke to. And she spoke to a lot of people throughout the game. She was also lovely and made sure everyone was having a good night.

There’s some great bingo calls, and some little audience participation activities, all of which you’ll have to go along to find out about.

Luke from Motafrenz was the first to call Bingo for the night and won the first round. Gordon called Bingo first on the second round and was sent packing back to his seat after his ticket was checked and he hadn’t actually won.

Sometime along the night we all got to hear Gordon’s sex noises, as well as learning that if you ever need a pet sitter, or a friend to go visit a farm with, Colin should probably be crossed off the list.

For the third round (or maybe it was the fourth, I was most of the way through my second Raspberry Slipper) a guest ball boy was called up on stage so Holly Pop could wander the floor and mingle. A few hands volunteered but ultimately it was a choice of Vince or someone from a table of drunk straight girls. So Vince wall called up on stage to be the Bingo Master for this round and proceeded to spin the basket too fast, shooting balls out into the audience Priscilla style. Vince handled it all very well, but didn’t draw out the right numbers for anyone from Motafrenz.  

Round four was a three-way tie with Gordon, Stevie and Mike from Motafrenz all winning the round together. Their numbers were checked, and a three-way tie was declared. But there can only be one winner. So the three did a lip-sync battle to Glora Gaynor’s I Will Survive. After a bit of jostling for centre stage, Gordon, who’d obviously been taking lessons from Mary, won the prominent position and the battle started.

While Mike undoubtedly knew all the words, and perfectly sung along, skill had little role in crowning the winner. Charisma won out, with Mary, I mean Gordon being crowned the winner and taking home first prize for the round. Mary got to pick a lucky dip prize from Holly Pop’s sparkly pink box and picked out a stubby holder. While we don’t know if Gordon has ever drunk a stubby in his life, you could not have found a more fitting stubby holder for him.

In the end we all had a great night and so so many laughs. I know I said it at the start, but the venue was wonderful. It’s not a highly polished club, but it’s really friendly, and really sociable.

Of all the Motafrenz events I’ve organised, it was one of the lowest effort to organise, but generated some of the most laughs. We’ll definitely do it again, and it can be organised at short notice, so keep an eye out on our bi-monthly events emails, and our Facebook page for the next one.

If you have a great idea for an event, we’re trying to increase the variety of events and have members run them as well as the committee, so shoot me an email at and we can give you all the help you need to run it.

Words by Daniel Borton. Photos and videos by Daniel Borton and Alan Benedetti

Paul Hollingworth

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