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Event Recap: Magical Mystery Tour 2020

Words by Alan Benedetti.

On Monday morning, 27th of January, the team at Motafrenz gathered at Como Park North to set up for the Magical Mystery Tour – our annual event organised for Midsumma.

14 teams gathered – with a wide range of vehicles to boot – to support a community organisation decided by them.

After a couple of coffees and the quick participant briefing, the teams were despatched on their way… But which way were they going?

As with recent history, I had to throw in a twist… or two…

The first twist was one some people worked out – partly because for the first time, cars not being used in the event were able to be left in the park – we were finishing where we started! The route was a 45km loop around the inner south eastern suburbs. There were many twists and turns along the way – with teams potentially facing each other at particular points.

But with every twist, I had more up my sleeve – being a loop, there were 2 sets of directions! This left our teams to cross over and ensure that teams would be traveling towards each other at times. The first few (and last) kilometres of the loop were the same, allowing teams to follow each other until the corner of Burnley and Swan streets.

After the questions were answered and the photos sent and received, the results were compiled upon the teams return to Como Park North. A shout out must go to team A-Team – they completed the loop a good 20 minutes faster than the other teams – a feat repeated from 2019.
One team listened to their stomachs and decided to cut short their tour and head to the finishing point – the Granges – who knows, they did quite well and would have finished mush higher up the rankings had they finished.

Please see below for the final rankings:

The Fury’s 69.5
El Presidente 68
Team UN 65.5
Corolla? Never met her! 65
A-Team 63.5
2 Greedy Italians and an Anglo 63
2 Fat Ladies 59.5
Wilson 57
Debacle 57
Abrahams 56.5
Bite Me! 52
The Rat Bags 52
80’s Mercedes 51.5
The Erikas 47.5
The Granges 38.5

Next year, the event is to be organised by this year’s winner – Mike Frith will plan our journey! Personally, I think a fresh look at the event will be great!

As part of the Tour, each team was asked who they would like any surplus funds donated to. The teams who voted have selected Switchboard as the recipient of this year’s donation. At the next Committee meeting, we will be deciding how much to add to the surplus – we raised just over $410 from the event and the Raffle.

Thanks to all who participated, to those who set-up, Nick who helped with team registration and scoring, to Jeff W for helping with the full set-up after the teams departed and to Joseph for selling the raffle tickets.

Hoping to see everyone and more next year!

Motafrenz Webmaster

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