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Event Recap: Magical Mystery Tour 2023

Words by Matt Nugent McColley; Pictures: Colin M, Jeff W, and Paul H.

The pre meet for the magical mystery tour was at Como park along the Yarra river where the participants and their cars gathered together before embarking on the tour. The mystery tour took the participants through the city and out through towards Warrandyte where the picnic was held and the scores were tallied up and prizes were handed out to the top 3 highest scores.

Let the Judging Begin

As the participants followed their way through the instructions on the tour they would have to answer questions along the route about buildings, land marks and history. Some of the questions required a more detailed look around the area to get the correct answers. The instructions alluded to the up coming questions and gave the participants something to keep in mind when looking for the next question.

Who will draw the short straw?

The kiss cam was a great activity along the way where participants had the opportunity to get out of there vehicles and take a photo in front of a 2 min drop off sign. The photos were sent back and all of them turned out great. Another activity was to find Gordons marbles. Participants drove up to the footy oval and had to throw coloured rings on to some pegs with some style to get some extra points. A clue was given after leading to Gordons marbles once it was decoded.   

The roads traveled on started with many intersections and trams running through some of the areas. The roads slowly transitioned as we headed away from the city heading into some arterial roads with multiple lanes and then back down through some suburban streets for more questions before heading down a beautiful country road towards the ending point. 

One of the cars was quite unique to this years magical mystery tour. The Suzuki Alto is heading to the Shitbox rally raising funds for the cancer council. The car is a 1 litre 3 cylinder producing 50 kilowatts of power. Its run through the mystery tour was great for the car to stretch it legs and test its cargo capacity ahead of its big drive. 

Not a V8 Rally Car in all it’s Vicarious Glory!

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