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Event Recap: Magical Mystery Tour 2024

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping!”
Gays, cars, clues, charcuterie boards.
What more could you want on a glorious Summer afternoon?

My friends and I have been attending this annual Midsumma event for a few years now. It’s Spotto, meets Eye Spy, meets The Amazing Race. Pre-made teams are formed – including a driver and a navigator, plus anyone else that can fit in your car. All teams are given a set of directions and questions, instructing you on your route and requiring your team to answer questions along the way. Here’s a sample:

Travel along Geelong Road.
Which reserve do you pass that shares its name with a famous Bond singer?
How many speed bumps are on Roberts St?
What animal is hanging on the fence at #22?
Turn left at Sunshine Road.

You are tested on the accuracy of answering questions and the time it took you to get to the final picnic area. The fun part is trying to spot the landmarks and answers as you drive along, deciding if you should turn around and try and find the question you missed versus moving on and arguing with your teammates about whether the hippo logo is blue, aqua or cerulean. There’s also usually some kind of physical activity so you can get out of the car and stretch your legs.

Your day can be as relaxing or as competitive as you want, culminating in a picnic with your team and fellow competitors. Prizes for podium winners, wooden spoons and the most fab (or dirtiest) automobiles. And apparently, the judges are open to bribery of the baked goods variety.

The event is not just for car lovers, but people who want a lovely drive around various parts of Melbourne with their friends, and especially those who like to win!

Thanks to Alan and Paul for organising such a wonderful event, and see you next year!

Words by Brian Dixon. Photos by various participants.

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