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Event Recap: Motafrenz Picnic and Midsumma Carnival 2024

As with most years, the first Motafrenz event in 2024 was our presence at the Midsumma Carnival. I have been to almost every Midsumma Carnival since my first one in the mid-nineties, so I guess it has become a bit of a habit for me.

This year was our second “picnic” – a less formal presence which is a lot less taxing for our Members who volunteer to promote our Club on the day. Usually, with the temperatures soaring into the thirties, being under a plastic marquee closely surrounded by other plastic marquees, is horrendous! But, with the temperature struggling to hit twenty this year, and with the drizzly rain, maybe a plastic tent isn’t such a bad idea lol.

Anyway, our day started with me, and my lonely granny-trolley, waiting at the meeting point for others to arrive. It was actually a nice wait, with an abundance of eye-candy going to both Midsumma and the Australian Open. At eleven o’clock the early assemblers headed off to our picnic spot – this year diagonally opposite our friends at the Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers, the wonderful Dikes on Bikes, and JOY Media. It was a lovely spot, just far enough away that we weren’t being trampled, but close enough to still feel part of the action.

Once our picnic ground was established, I grabbed Alan and spent the next 2 hours in the bar. I mean a girl’s gotta have priorities, right?

Once liquored and fed, we had a wander around the stalls and headed back to the picnic where our number had almost doubled! There is really not much more to say about the event. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the atmosphere and each other’s company.

Now is the time for us to start thinking about, and planning, our presence at the Carnival next year. The success of the promotional opportunities afforded to the Club by this event is based entirely on the enthusiasm of our volunteers on the day, and the hard work and planning of the volunteers in the lead-up to the event. If you wish to be involved in this, or any other, event or planning activity, please contact your Committee at or more specifically, the Events Coordinator at For full details of Committee contacts, please see

Words and photos by Paul Hollingworth.

Paul Hollingworth

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