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Event Recap: Show and Shine 2023

Words by Jeffrey Whitehead. Pictures by Paul Rees, Trevor Drew, Brett Huxtable and Jeffrey Whitehead.

The weather held off and the Motafrenz Show and Shine shone. The 2023 Motafrenz Show and Shine was a great success showing a diversity of vehicles somewhat like its members and the general public. 

Having arrived soon before 10 am to see an already well setup and managed event with many vehicles already parked, I was kindly directed to a spot on the grass to park. There was no grouping of type or age which didn’t matter other than the MMT (Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers) who parked in their own group display proudly flying their banner. They didn’t take up as much space as Motafrenz but it was great to share the event with a like-minded club.

The colourful Motafrenz marquee taking centre stage in the middle of the park acted well as the go-to point for all attending, promoting the club, the sausage sizzle and of course the awards and the raffle.
The range of vehicles was so diverse, it took some effort to find any two cars of the same series of the same marque. There were two 3 series BMWs, Two Volvo P6s. (Sheep in wolf’s clothes and had Gordon brought his voluptuous velour E series Ford Fairmont, there would have been two of them instead).

Other than a stunning range of old, new and rare classics, there were two beautiful street rods there, a steampunk bodied 1925 16/45 Wolseley special beautifully done with boat-tail, a famous rally car which Amy-Jane brought on a trailer because it cannot be registered as is, and she’s keeping it the way, Vespas and motorbike and four-wheel drives. 

The voting system was seamless, having to just scan a QR code at command central, and bingo, I could enter the CPS vehicle of my choice, a fully registered vehicle of my choice, and the number one vehicle of my choice. I chose the beautiful 1967 red Barracuda pony muscle car but alas it didn’t win anything.

I spent most of the day talking freely to various car owners and some people with dogs and children just walking through but had an interest in various cars, which is not surprising they’d find something of their liking since the range and diversity of vehicles on display. One owner let me sit in his work-of-art. I say that because of the work he put in his late model red Volvo P1800 to make it run and handle probably better than the original but still keeping it original if that makes sense. I can say I’ve done the same to my EH Holden which came second in the CPS category. Anyway, I got to start the P1800’s engine and it felt good and I felt like Roger Moore the Saint albeit for a short memorable and unforgettable moment.

Overall, the crowd was really enjoying this relaxed time as we talked about cars, cars, cars and motorbikes & Vespas. What amazed me the most was the retention of people and vehicles staying for as long as they did with a majority staying to the last hour. I’m used to motor shows where half the crowd typically leaves soon after midday. I think a lot of factors helped keep the punters happy. The variety on display helps as there is no one-up-man-ship like you might find with a marque-specific show. Command Central with all its friendly information, promotion, food, and prizes helps. And lastly, I think the location is all-round perfect behind central, accessible, high visibility and on the Yarra River but not to forget, the friendliness was a reason I enjoyed the day.

It certainly was great to catch up with members I hadn’t seen for ages and to talk to outsiders who were either showing their vehicles or just walking through.

Now I can’t give a summary of category and raffle winners but I’m sure we’ll hear about that soon as I’m writing this the day after in a hurry to get it hot off to press so you can read it in Cruise Control, which is due out imminently. Check out the photos and the videos for more. And don’t miss the video of Gordon spruiking raffle tickets to Collin. It’s a class act. [Video on the Facebook link below, or on the Motafrenz TikTok – Ed.]

2023 Show and Shine Winners

Best CPS Vehicle

1st: Josh Reeve – 1995 Rover Mini Cooper

2nd: Jeffery Whitehead – 1963 Holden EH Premier

3rd: Chris Gallagher – 1964 Chevrolet Corvair

Best Non-CPS Vehicle

1st: Nick Heynsbergh – 1971 Volkswagen Type 3

2nd: John Stavenuiter – 1969 Holden Monaro

3rd: Tarzan Patterson – 2019 Suzuki Jimny

Best in Show

Colin Harris – 1934 Ford Tudor

Committee’s Choice

Andre Block – 1992 Nissan NX Coupe

Paul Hollingworth

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