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Event Recap: Show & Shine 2019

Words by Alan Benedetti.

A slightly overcast day greeted the organisers on the morning of the Show & Shine. As I made my way to our new venue – the lovely and central Como Park North – the drizzle disappeared and the cloud started to burn away…

The early starters promptly set up the Motafrenz signage, the marquees (for shade or shelter), laid out the rows for the categories and the all important BBQ as our first attendees started to arrive.

All categories started to quickly fill – the typically eclectic Motafrenz display was soon in full swing. The locals out walking the dog or grabbing a coffee from the café over the road soon showed interest in the great display of over 30 cars!

Voting was taking place over the course of the day – I’m sure the BBq was privy to many a chat about who liked what and to whom the all important vote was to be given. Thanks to Ross for manning the grill.

Our smallest category was the Pre 1960 group – 4 cars were on display. The Club certainly has an affinity for the veritable Morris 1000 with 3 on display – a sedan, a coupe and a convertible. Dennis’ Bentley was the only exception. 

The 1960 – 1979 category was full of new sights with American Metal and a British Revival in full swing! Kelvin’s Impala was a sight to behold along with a great left hand drive Buick – Mike’s Plymouth seemed almost small in comparison! David’s TC Cortina lead the British Revival. Gary’s Nomad was a great surprise to see and Chris’ Rover was the dignified ol’ dame.

The Modern Classics of the 1980 – 1994 category was the craziest mix of the day – ranging from the slowest car (Niki) to the fastest (911) and the widest range of manufacturers. The cars were as diverse as the members of Motafrenz! It was great to see at least 5 previously “unseen” cars on display.

The Euro’s dominated the 1995 – Present category. A trio of convertibles and a couple of 4wd’s were part of the colourful display. It was clear how much technology and size has changed over the years – the Morris 1000’s of the Pre 1960 category were family cars in their day – but Koula’s Abarth is a micro-car and is the same size.

Congratulation to all who displayed and participated in the day – without you, the day would not have been the success it was.

Pre 1960: Marcus Ball – Morris 1000
1960 – 1979: Kelvin Mounsey – Chevrolet Impala
1980 – 1994: Jarrod Hannam – BMW 318i
1995 – Present: Koula Papamarkos – Abarth 500
Best Theme: Marcus Ball – Morris 1000 – Drive-In theme
Committee’s Choice: Kee Jeffreys – XE Fairmont Wagon

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