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Event Recap: Sunday Drive to Carriage Café and Rain Forest Walk 2019

Words by Mike. Pictures by Jeff.

We met in Bayswater at a Coles petrol station we had a good turnout with a mixed selection of vehicles, the weather was a beautiful day. A few new cars showed up a lovely 1962 Jag driven by Damien C. and a HZ Premier Wagon driven by Ben accompanied by his dad.

We headed of in convoy and headed to Carriage Café in Seville this café consists of an old Railway Carriage placed alongside the old Warburton railway line now a popular rail trail used by cyclist and walkers. We stopped here and had coffee and cake and relaxed in the old carriage compartments while we enjoyed the ambiance of the old train carriage which had very very soft saggy seats.

We went back to our cars and headed on through Warburton and up the Mount Donna Buang Rd, about half way up we stopped at the Rainforest walk, we all parked and quickly realised the lovely Holden Premier Wagon had steam coming from the bonnet, as with Motafrenz someone always comes prepared with water and lots of advice, it was suggested they let the car cool while we walked through the forest.
About 40 mins of walking through a rain forest filled with Mountain Ash (Australia’s largest/tallest trees) many ferns and lichens a stop by the creek, and a few stairs we got back to the cars, we filled Ben’s car with water and he was all set for the journey back through Warburton where we planned to stop for lunch.

We were about to set off when Damien’s 1962 Jaguar failed to proceed we tried jumper starting the car and also rocked it back n forth as the starter motor seemed to be jammed. He called his mechanic, who said if rolled at a speed of 35MPH or greater the older style automatic transmission should engage and start the car. So off we headed for a hair raising, tyre screeching decent back down to Warburton. Sadly the Jag didn’t start and so the RACV was called. Damien waited for the RACV and the rest of us headed onto town for lunch.

We stopped at a nice café frequented mostly by lycra clad cyclists as it was at the end of the rail trail. The meal was very reasonable and I can highly recommend it as the food was tasty and service was polite and courteous.

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