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Event Recap: Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2023

The day started like any other Motafrenz event – with Queens unable to follow instructions. “I live in the east, the start point is too far west, I’ll meet you there.” I mean, fair call, it was probably my mistake. About half of our number met at the Royal Park Train Station car park with the others meeting us at the tulip farm. I think we might have lost some by meeting at the farm – to those, I am sorry we missed you.

Anyway, I have loved tulips – and the Tesselaar Tulip Farm – since my first visit during a school excursion in the seventies (I assure you it was the 1970s, and NOT the 1770s). But, for me, today, the highlight wasn’t the flowers or the farm, although these were truly beautiful, but rather the great group of people who came along. Such easy conviviality is something I love most about this Club. We all met (some for the second time) inside the main entrance, but I was ‘starving’ so we went over to the food stands. Making a beeline for the Bavarian sausage stall I picked up a tasty number covered with cheese and sauerkraut. Daniel asked me, “what’s it like?” “Well”, I say, “I’ve certainly had wurst!” Such hilarity seems to work with my three-year-olds, but not with these grumpy old blokes – although I was sure to repeat it about four times, just to be sure…

After this we travelled into the Fairy Grotto where we played some traditional Dutch games, took some pictures with a rainbow arch and a rainbow path, before getting a lovely picture of me milking Gordon. Now before you say it – no, I don’t usually milk Gordon… usually 😉

The tulip display was much smaller than I remember, but the good times continued when Chris G fell in love with a man’s massive old organ! I must say though, it was actually impressive with rolls upon rolls of punch cards that the machine played, much like a pianola.

We were soon to come across another food area with more Dutch games, and a wonderful ‘traditional’ Dutch clog-dancing show. One woman had a toddler on her back, and the poor kid’s head was bobbing around so much, I was sure it was about to drop off!

The rest of the afternoon was essentially spent under a marquee drinking authentic lemonade and eating some more. Chatting and loving life, and of course the amazing Spring weather.

Words by Paul Hollingworth. Pictures by Josh McLean, Daniel Borton, Chris Dunkinson, and Paul Hollingworth.

Paul Hollingworth

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