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Event Recap: Trentham National Heritage Day – 2023

Words and Photos by Marcus B

A few Motafrenz guys were texting each other during the week about whether they would go on the Trentham NMHD day as we all had been enduring a 2 month cough, we forgot we were meant to RSVP to Jeff!

We decided the night before to go, but meet straight at the Trentham train station where it was being held.

Lovely Morris in all its British Glory

We watched the temperature on our car display drop from 14 down to 6 heading up through the hills!

The autumn leaves were a beautiful golden yellow and red as we entered town, dropping everywhere with a light wind.

When we entered, the chap at the gate told us most cars were now on display (around 60) and they were still letting late comers in via a back gate to display.

Gallic Beauty that can only be Citroen..

Half of the cars were in the train station car park, lots of Rovers, Austins, and one beautiful VW Kombi.

The back area had around 30 cars spread out over the former train tracks, one end with mostly 1960-1980s European cars, some retro 1970s Japanese models.  Lots of people flocking around a beautiful Citroen 2CV Dolly and Citroen DS. 

Elegant Rover Saloon

Unfortunately, there was no planning for getting out of the platform gully up onto the platform, lot’s of stiff and cold old men (…okay….us included) scrambling awkwardly onto the platform to the food and band area. 

We had assumed that any others from the Club were late or someone had “failed to proceed” and didn’t catch up.

After only around 2 hours of numb fingers we decided to head off, some of the locals were actually wearing shorts!!

The Winter Chill hastened our Departure

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