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Event Recap: Xmas in July 2019

Words by Jeff. Pictures by Mike, John, Matt & Nic.

The 2019 Christmas in July was a hit, with around 30 members and their friends getting on board for a mid-winter celebration of another Christmas without any snow.

This year we met up at the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway in Eltham before heading to the Panton Hill Pub for lunch.

This turned out to be a great idea as there was fresh coffee and jam doughnuts. We also had a great chat about cars and life and got to know each other before we boarded the 7 & 1/4 inch gauge rail miniature trains.

We actually spread out over several trains which are about 1/6 of full size. I think there might have been 4 or 5 trains running on the expansive 2 km miniature railway network that winds and turned over bridges and through tunnels.

For $3 we had 2 laps of the track over an approximate 10 minutes ride – good value for money!

So as most of us boarded these wonderful little trains, we got to wave at the others on other trains as we passed somewhere in the diamond valley. We also sighted those few who didn’t take a ride but they were happy to wave to us when we passed.

After that little thrill, bringing out the inner child in many of us, it was time to head off to the pub in Panton Hill for a hearty lunch. Spread over many tables there was a lot of noise. With the food out of the way we gathered outside on the deck with some lovely sunshine.

Gordon’s sister Mary sent her brother Professor Justice Christmas. We hadn’t met the Professor before. The Professor brought with him his trusty colleagues Professor Rodney and Professor Jenny, also from the UNP and all wearing their formal academic dress as they proceeded to present Gay Motoring certificates along with a Kris Kringle, with enthusiasm and exuberance that could only be compared with wining a Grand Final, to each and every person present.

We were all exhausted after that performance but it was a lot of fun and a big thank you to Professor Justice Christmas’ sister Mary’s brother Gordon twice removed.

A lovely range of cars was to be had with many bringing their daily drivers as often happens at this type of event. None the less that still didn’t stop us from chatting away about them.

That wraps another Christmas in July that this year happened a week before the AGM.

Some images from our pre-meet location, the Eltham Miniature Railways, where we all realised we’re just big kids at heart:

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