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Events Report: From the Events Team

Words by Jeff Whitehead

From your Events Coordinator

It’s that time of year again when we in Motafrenz need to get in early with Pride March vehicle registrations for 2023.

Motafrenz has had a vehicle fleet in the Victoria’s Pride March since its inception and it is always a proud and significantly important event for the club and members to attend. We hope you’ll put your hand up and be prepared to take part.

You will be required to attend a briefing prior to the event either online or probably at St Kilda Town Hall. Your vehicle can be old or new, valuable or invaluable but important to you. It is always wonderful to show the full diversity and acceptance of our club and members and vehicles.

At the end of the march, we typically end up being able to park in the Catani Gardens where all march participants end up at the bottom of Fitzroy Street, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to do that again with the assistance of the organisers.

At the gardens, there are announcements, entertainment, and food stalls, etc. so come along, get involved, and enjoy thousands of spectators waving and smiling at you as Motafrenz once again shows that we are proud members of the community and driving with pride.

For me, after stepping back into the role as Events Coordinator and having an Events Team for support, I can certainly say this is a much more dynamic and agile committee with an improved structure making it much easier for all to function within.

We, the Events Team, are putting our every effort into bringing you and your friends and families, a variety of events that are both accessible and enjoyable. Many long weekend events are proving to be successful.

We’re about to have our first DATA (Drive And Take Away) in a long time and there’s even a Bathurst Race viewing and barbecue at a member’s house. In addition to our new, larger, and fully inclusive Show and Shine, there will also be a members’ only Show and Shine at the next AGM with a barbecue breakfast.

There’s much more being developed so be sure to keep an eye on any changes and what’s coming up.

Remember all our events are listed on our website for easy reference, and there is also the option to subscribe to our events calendar, via your favourite web enabled device.

If you have any ideas for an event or just want to help out, please email or come along to a committee meeting with your ideas, share and get involved with a great team and a great bunch of people!

On behalf of the Events Team

Jeff W (Motafrenz Event coordinator)

Motafrenz Webmaster

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