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How Privacy and HR issues should be brought to the Secretary or to Privacy Officer for action. 

Here at Motafrenz we take great pride in our happy, harmonious, and respectful Club environment. The way we behave towards each other and to members of the general public is directed by our Code of Conduct, which you can read at this link >

Or you can navigate to the Motafrenz website > Home > About > Governance > Code of Conduct – members.

As the Code states. 

“The Code of Conduct (“the Code”) can be described as a set of statements that set out what the Motafrenz Car Club Inc. (the “Club”) considers to be an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct. The Code explains how the Club expects its members and their guests to behave. The Code provides a guide and basis of expectations for members and their guests while attending Club events. The Code encourages commitment to ethical and professional behaviour and outlines the principles and values on which the Club is based. The Code is an integral part of the Club. It sets a standard of behaviour that helps build the Club’s culture and provides guidance when dealing with conduct and behavioural issues when they arise.”

What makes the Code effective at ensuring our harmonious and respectful environment is that we all act collectively to ensure that we all live by the Code because “The standard you walk by is the standard you accept”. * 

So, if you see, hear, or read something that a member or guest says, writes or does, that you think is a breach of the Code, please contact either of us with some information that we can follow up. Your identity will not be disclosed without your express agreement. We will investigate your concern and take whatever action is appropriate. This would usually be cautionary private words to the individual concerned so that they understand how they should behave in the future. In some cases, it might be necessary for the Club to make an apology to someone. Where the offending individual continues to behave in an inappropriate way this can be pursued through the Club’s internal procedures. As a Club we have made great progress in creating a respectful, harmonious, and happy environment. We all need to continue playing our part in making sure that the right ethical and professional standards continue.

All the very best for another happy year together, 

Anthony Wiseman, Privacy and Compliance Officer; Gordon Campbell, Secretary, Motafrenz Car Club

*Lieutenant General David Lindsay Morrison attributed; “The standard you walk by is the standard you accept”; to David Hurley**, former Chief, Australian Defence Force, explaining the quote; ” … doesn’t belong to me or [my former speechwriter] Cate McGregor, it belongs to the Governor of NSW, David Hurley.” 

(, accessed 14/9/22)

** Sir David Hurley is now the Governor-General of Australia. (, accessed 14/9/22). 

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