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Important Reminders From Our Permit Officer

Dear Members,

After reviewing and updating the club permit register, I had found some unintended expired vehicles.

I would like to remind members with vehicles on the CPS to ensure the currency of the registration of each of their vehicles. If you have not received a renewal notice from VicRoads close to the expiration date, then please contact VicRoads to alert them and organise a renewal.

There is a three month period after expiration where renewal can proceed, however it is illegal to drive the vehicle around until renewal payment is processed with VicRoads.

If a vehicle’s registration is still lapsed after the three month period, then the car will have to be re-registered, this includes completing the relevant forms, sighting the vehicle, obtaining a roadworthy and obtaining new permit plates.
Once a vehicle is re-registered, you must notify me of the new permit plates number.

Members should also contact me if they intend to deregister, sell, or move the car to another club. Members should also notify me of change of addresses.

A final reminder, is to also ensure you are a financial member of the club otherwise your vehicle cannot be retained on CPS.  Club policy for members with a vehicle on CPS is to attend any event at least once a membership year. We look forward to seeing each one of you!


Mathew Giacomatonio
Club Permit Officer

Motafrenz Webmaster

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