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Lyric Sas – a Full Life, Lived Well

Some very sad news from the past month is the passing of our dear friend, and 2022 Motafrenz (co-)Member of the Year, Lyric Sas. You can read the reflections of some her friends below:

Vale Lyric Sas.

By the time you read this our wonderful friend Lyric Sas will have departed from this world after her 10-year battle with a brain tumour. Lyric was a wonderful person. Right until the end she was her cheerful, brave, and courageous self. Many of you will remember her wonderful company and cheerful, positive demeanour during her years as a Motafrenz member. We enjoyed her company at Chillout, and at various events including our weekends away on the Great Alpine Road and on the Great Ocean Road weekend when we stayed overnight at Apollo Bay.

We will miss Lyric very much, but we know that her ordeal is over and that she has gone to a better place.

Vale Lyric Sas.

Our first trip with Lyric – Easter Weekend Away 2021

Words by Gordon Campbell (Life Member, Club Secretary, former Club President).

Carpooling with Lyric.

I generally like my own space, generally avoiding car pooling on Motafrenz events for my solitude. A few years ago, for our weekend away, I was asked to drive Lyric. I kind of avoided the question, and hoped someone else would, until an email came out with details of the event including that I’d be driving Lyric, someone who I’d never met before.

I’d only encountered one Lyric in my life, so based on this I assumed Lyric was an Asian man. We exchanged a few messages, and arranged for me to pick them up on the way. I messaged when I arrived, and went to the gate to wait for him. While I was waiting at the gate, a heavily tattooed woman with shaved hair wearing a blue bonds singlet was walking towards the gate. I kept waiting for Lyric, until the woman said smiled and said “Hi Daniel”. Turned out Lyric was a Caucasian lesbian and not an Asian man.
We loaded the car and started our drive to the meeting place somewhere north of Melbourne. The conversation flowed pretty easily, talking about Motafrenz and cars. As we got closer to our meeting point, the traffic didn’t flow so easily.

She apologised in advance if her arm accidently jumped up and belted me in the face. She’d had a brain tumour and as a result of that, and surgeries, the right side of her body may spasm. She normally tried to sit on the end on the right at tables, but when you’re in a car, and unable to drive that wasn’t an option. I also learned that she’d previously been married, and one thing that she learnt from her husband was to have good insurance, so when she was diagnosed with her brain tumour and couldn’t work anymore, she was well looked after.

I also learned that despite the conclusion I jumped to, she wasn’t actually a lesbian. Just someone with enough life experience to know to not to pander to other people’s expectations.

We arrived at the meeting point to wait for the trip organiser, Chris, who’d also got stuck in traffic and was running much later. After numerous text messages back and forth, we later learnt because he was running so late, he skipped the meeting point, and kept driving up the Hume towards Echuca. We all got back in our cars, and headed towards Echuca.

Lyric and I both got back into our conversation. Fortunately, we both had the same position on what had happened, dismayed that group organiser didn’t get off the freeway for the meeting point, but also moving on from it pretty quickly focussing on the fun weekend ahead.

We spent the rest of the trip just chatting away, she used to be a vet so was familiar with some of the places we went through. I learnt that she grew up five streets away from where I’d just bought just bought my apartment, my cat, and her aversion to Facebook.

The trip back home was filled with similar conversation. We returned home via Bendigo so I could drop something in at a friend’s. She really liked Bendigo, and had dreams of one day moving to the country but Bendigo might be a good compromise.

It actually changed my perspective on carpooling, and with the next Motafrenz weekend away (to Rawson and Walhalla) I shared the trip with Gordon. Now I make a bit of a mix of things, enjoying the solitude of my own company sometimes, and enjoying the company of other people at other times. Before sharing the trip with Lyric I don’t think I’d had any bad experiences, but I hadn’t really let myself have any good carpooling experiences either.

Words by Daniel Borton (2022 co-Member of the Year).

Lyric, a breath of fresh air.

I first met Lyric on her first trip with Motafrenz – the 2021 Easter Weekend Away along the southwest coast via the Great Ocean Road. She still had her beloved car by this stage, but was under doctor’s orders that she could no longer safely drive. For her, this was the last great trip in that car, and she brought her friend Sean along to drive it for her.

It was a fantastic weekend in all, being the first long weekend away after the lockdown years (was it the end of the lockdown years, or just one of the brief reprises – it seems like a lifetime ago). It was great to hear of all the great adventures of Lyric’s life as a veterinary surgeon, and the time when she was all dressed up in heels and a miniskirt digging a dead crow out of her car’s grille. She had hit it while on the freeway and was shocked to realise she was digging it out in front of a young girl sitting on the other side of the McDonald’s window! And not to forget the last meal of that trip, where she scandalised Gordon by casually mentioning her figging experiences – the look on his poor face was priceless!! (For more information about figging see figging.)

She would then become a regular attendee of all of our weekends away. A refreshing change to what is normally (unfortunatly) an all male affair.

Not long after her last weekend away with us – the ChillOut Long Weekend 2023 – she again became unwell, and was unable to come on any long trips. Her last Motafrenz event was our visit to the Tessellar Tulip Festival in September. She used the occasion to invite some of her (non-Motafrenz) friends along and made a great final farewell to those closest to her from both groups.

At the Motafrenz AGM of 2023, she was awarded with Member of the Year for her dedication to attend events and to always add her special aura of hopefullness and positivity. Between Easter 2021 and ChillOut 2023, she was the Member most in attendance at events (non-Committee).

She will be greatly missed by all who met her.

Words by Paul Hollingworth – President (and friend).

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Paul Hollingworth

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