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Member Article: Good Quality Affordable Food; Talking About Cars, and a Meeting

Words and Photos by Paul Hollingworth

An event re-imagined, a passion re-ignited, friendships re-kindled, and a club focussed on members’ interactions – the newly re-imagined monthly meetings are now taking on a bi-monthly focus, and are sure to become the cornerstone of all that it means to be Motafrenz.

On even-numbered months (June, August, October, etc) we will hold what has become known as the Cheap Eats, Garage Talk, and Committee Meeting; the focus is strongly on the social aspects of Cheap Eats and the Garage Talk. Under our Rules of Association (Club Constitution), the committee is required to meet on a regular basis – this forms the third part of the event. Committee business only lasts around 45 to 70 minutes. During this time, all members are encouraged to participate and interact with each other and the committee – I promise, it’s really not as boring as you’d imagine!

On odd-numbered months (May, July, September, etc) we will hold a new format Informal Member/Committee Catch-up. These meetings will feature a freer flowing format – similar to the format used for our annual planning meetings (if you have ever been to one), but even less structured. Here, the group is free to discuss ideas and strategies, express their needs and/or desires, and enjoy general conversation, all without the restrictions of the more formal meeting, but with somewhat more structure than a driving event.

LIve on the Big Screen for that Hollywood moment…

The first of the new format Cheap Eats, Garage Talk, and Committee Meetings was held on 8 February at two venues perfectly suited to our needs. Cheap Eats was held in the private dining room of Zen Japanese Restaurant on Burwood Road – a superb venue, even for those (like myself) who are usually not fans of Japanese food. The Committee Meeting was held in its new permanent home in the Conference Room on level 3 of the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) at Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus.

Glenferrie Railway Station Entrance – Glenferrie Road

The beauty of this venue is its access to public transport – the Glenferrie train station is right on the campus and the tram runs along Glenferrie Road; the ample parking near the entrance of the AGSE along William Street – perfect for Garage Talk; and the free and open access to the university and to the conference room, including the toilets inside the AGSE – which makes arriving early (or busting for a pee) more convenient as we no longer need to call someone to let us in. The venue is equipped with video-teleconferencing facilities which allows any member to join regardless of distance or health concerns. We can even live-stream Garage Talk upon request! The event remains on the second Wednesday, but now every second month and Garage Talk starts from 7pm with the Meeting starting promptly at 7:30 pm.

Swinburne University – a Hawthorn Landmark

As The first of the new format Informal Member/Committee Catch-up will take place on Saturday 13 May, 2023 at a venue you may know if you had been to our Bathurst Raceday Event or our Australia Day Event. This event is planned to be BYO, but please RSVP to to find out what you should bring and for the address. Future Informal Member/Committee Catch-ups will occur on the first or second week of every second month and will usually be held on Friday nights, Saturdays, or Sundays – depending on the host’s requirements, and clashes with other events. If you would like to host one of these events or know of a suitable venue, please contact the Secretary with the details.

Now, approaching the end of my second year as President, I am still pleasantly surprised at how loving, inclusive, friendly, and just generally NICE everyone is in this club! I hope you will all consider coming along to one of these re-imagined events in the coming months. In my opinion, they are the easiest, most relaxed, most social, and most enjoyable events on our calendar.

Cheap Eats, Garage Talk, and Committee Meeting

DATE: Second Wednesday of every second month

TIME: The meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Garage Talk from 7:00 and Cheap Eats after 8:30

WHERE: Swinburne University of Technology, 

Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Level 3 Conference Room, 

Corner of William and Wakefield Streets, Hawthorn 


Informal Member/Committee Catch-up

DATE: First or second weekend of every second month

TIME: Most meetings will be around lunchtime or dinnertime 

WHERE: Locations will change each month, by mutual consent 


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