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Member Vehicle: 1992 Holden Statesman

Words and images by Matt.

Year, Make, Model, Variant: 1992 Holden Statesman VQ Series 2, 5.0L V8.

Special features: 
VT twin pot front brakes
2.5” exhaust
17” VR HSV GTS rims

The VQ statesman’s rear opera window glass was designed by the engineers to produce an audible and satisfying “thud” noise when closing the doors, this was to give the impression of higher quality over the shorter wheelbase Commodore sedan. 

I purchased the car in 2011 from a fellow student whilst at trade school, with the intent of using the engine and driveline to convert my current car at the time, a 1990 Holden VN Commodore, to a V8. Unfortunately, the Commodore was rear ended shortly after purchasing the Statesman and wrote the car off. So instead I drove the Stateman as a daily driver for a few years until I purchased a HiLux 4WD. My wife then drove the Statesman as a daily drive too until about 5 years ago. 

The combination of the V8 power and comfort of the long wheelbase make it an absolute joy for cruising around. My dad also owns a Statesman since 1993 and I grew up and eventually learnt to drive in that car, so I have a sentimental attachment to these particular cars.

When I purchased the car it was fitted with LPG dual fuel, I removed that system once I bought the car and also fitted upgraded twin pot front brakes to help improve the under whelming stock brakes that were originally fitted. I had updated the stereo when I first bought the car but am in the process of returning it as close as possible to factory standard, so will be refitting the original cassette radio. I also have started to fix up a few rough parts on the body and will be doing either a full or partial respray in the near future

Luckily these vehicles are still somewhat easy to find at a reasonable price but have found they have started to appreciate in the last 18-24 months. They can be found though Facebook owners groups.

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