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Member Vehicle: 2004 Ford Falcon XR6

Words & images by Chris Q.

2004 Ford Falcon XR6

Capturing a piece of our more modern motoring history can be just as important as bringing back a vehicle from the 70’s or 80’s, so when the opportunity presented itself to take ownership of a locally manufactured Ford Falcon, I jumped at the chance. 

I originally found the car via a Facebook marketplace advertisement back in Feb or early March this year, and upon taking a look at it in person the following week, I purchased it then and there, and drove it home. I wasn’t expecting to pay a measly $1000 for the 2004 XR6, but the car had seen a rough upbringing, and I knew it was going to take quite a bit of work to return it to its former glory. 

I entrusted my friend Doug from Affirmative Automotive to look after the mechanical side of things; a new flex coupling on the drive shaft, new rear bump stops, new rear wedge bushes, 4 new ball joints, and a new exhaust were required to bring it up to fully roadworthy specification. 

I had the cosmetic roadworthy items also attended to once the major mechanical items had been taken care of; a new headlining was selected and fitted; Leigh Kirkup from Luminescent Detailing very kindly polished the headlights; four new tyres were fitted, and a new windscreen was also required and fitted, and as the last item required, Jesse Folan most kindly donated a new taillight assembly! 

Once the roadworthy was completed, and upon receiving a rather disconcerting look from the lass at the local Vicroads Center, we only had the registration plates to fit to finally get it back on the road!

As the car has had a rather poor maintenance record as performed by the previous owner, there were a number of ‘battle scars’ on the outside, with a flakey clearcoat on the roof and spoiler, and a patch on the bonnet that was down to the zinc.

Additionally, the vehicle had clearly collected a steel bollard at the local servo or shopping center, as there was a visible deep scratch down the drivers’ side of the body.

Consequently, the next task was repainting. 

My friend Zac from Mirror Finish Automotive has accepted the task; thus far the front section of the car has been repainted, a new front bar fitted, followed by repainting of the bonnet, guards, mirror covers and front doors.

The following month he completed the rest of the car; rear doors, roof, quarter panels, boot, and rear bar and spoiler. 

Matt and I are delighted with the vehicle in both its looks with all the remedial work finally completed, and its on-road performance. We are both very excited to get it out to more events once the weather warms up a little, and we particularly look forward to having it on display at the Motafrenz Show and Shine event, which has been scheduled for September this year.

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