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Member Vehicle: 2014 Holden Commodore SSV

Words and images by Chris Quirke.

Year, Make, Model, Variant: 2014 Holden Commodore SSV Sedan.

Special features: I had an aftermarket paddle shift option fitted to this vehicle.

Anything weird, odd or different about this vehicle: Probably the driver, He’s a bit odd (lol).

How I got it & the provenance/background of the car: This is a car I bought in 2020 and started modifying shortly after. I sold it early this year to fund the purchase of a house. 

Why I love it: There is something to be said for the low growl of a high horsepower V8 as you pull away from the lights. 

What I have done to it: Aftermarket Taillights, Harrop Supercharger, Higgins Race heads (CNC Ported), Crow high lift camshaft, TCE Hi Stall Torque Converter, Harrop TruTrac Diff. Difilippo 3” exhaust system and extractors to suit. 

How other people could procure something similar: Sadly, the prices on these vehicles have gone up significantly, mostly due to the Covid tax, and also the brand no longer in business. They are around if you want to splash some money around. Parts, OEM and Aftermarket are readily available. 

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