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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2023

Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting of Motafrenz Car Club Inc.


DATE: Saturday 5th August 2023

TIME: 10 am for Car Show. 11:30 am for AGM & lunch follows

WHERE: Jaguar & Austin Healey Club Rooms, 23 Rosalie Street, Springvale

ZOOM: Available if you can’t attend in person. Email the Secretary for details

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The club rooms are located 700 metres from the Springvale train station on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines

DETAILS: The AGM is the single most important Club event, and the best attended. It is a fantastic and relaxing opportunity to gather to meet other Members, to chat, to enjoy a delicious free lunch and, for the first time in 2023, to visit and/or participate in our inaugural Motafrenz Members’ Exclusive Car Show. All Members are invited to show their car(s) – we might even have prizes for Best in Show!

Returning this year to the Jaguar and Austin Healey club rooms, you will be delighted by the great atmosphere, memorabilia, licenced bar, and delicious lunch. The lunch, morning tea, and tea and coffee are free for financial Members – alcoholic drinks and soft drinks at bar prices.

If you have a vehicle on CPS Club Plates the AGM is the ideal time and place to present your vehicle for its annual club inspection as required by Club policy. Members are reminded that it is a VicRoads requirement that you be a financial member of your affiliated club at all times. 

The Business of the AGM shall be: 

1. To confirm the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting; 

2. To receive from the Committee: 

a. the annual report of the activities of the Committee during the last preceding financial year; and 

b. financial statements of the Association for the preceding financial year; 

3. To confirm the membership fees for the following year;  

4. To elect the officers of the Association (Club); 

5. Any other general business as notified in writing to the Secretary by 6 pm, Saturday 29th June 2023.

An award ceremony will follow the meeting. Afterwards, Members will be invited to enjoy lunch and each other’s company while the Committees will have a short handover meeting.

The club always needs willing people to join the Committee. You do not need any special skills. All you need is a desire to see Motafrenz succeed. 

To nominate for Committee (either for yourself of another) – (Please note Constitution Rule 56 (2)

To nominate a Member of the Year or Life Member (scroll to the bottom of the page) – 

If you can’t attend, but would still like to be heard, Proxy Forms are available from the Secretary at 

 In order to vote at the AGM, you must be a Financial Member of the Association (Club).

RSVP: Gordon Campbell – before Saturday 29th July 2023. (If attending via Zoom, you still need to RSVP, secret voting is provided). 

Motafrenz Grille Badges:

We will be distributing Grille badges at the AGM. They come in three types; for people who have been members of Motafrenz for 10 or more years, 20 or more and 30 or more. 

Because our membership system does not record “date joined” we will use an honour system to determine your eligibility for the 10- or 20- or 30- year Grille Badge – in short, we will rely on your memory as to when you first joined Motafrenz. 

You can have as many badges as you have cars (max of 5) and they can be for any car, not only for Permit cars registered under Motafrenz.  

So come along to the AGM and collect your badges. 

Motafrenz Webmaster

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