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Club Permit Scheme

Under the scheme:

  • We are a Victorian-based car club. The Club Permit Scheme (CPS) is administered by VicRoads. Therefore, we can only add vehicles for club registration in Victoria.
  • Vehicles can be used at any time for any purpose, other than for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward.
  • A log book entry must be made each DAY that the vehicle is used (unless the vehicle is within 100 metres of the garaged address). There is no limit on the distance you may travel during that day. Vehicles on CPS may be driven interstate.
  • The logbook entry must be made PRIOR to the journey commencing and the logbook MUST be carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use.
  • You can apply for either a 45 or 90 day Permit. If you get a 45 day Permit, and use up your 45 days, you can extend your permit for another 45 days use.
  • The fee is $153.90 for 90 days usage per year or $79.60 for 45 days usage, compared with up to $800 for normal registration.
  • You can not drive your vehicle for more than 90 days in each permit period. Permits are valid for 12 months no matter how many days you choose.
  • Vehicles are issued with specific club permit plates and windscreen labels.
  • VicRoads may suspend or cancel a permit if you cease to be a financial member of Motafrenz, or if your car becomes unsafe for use on public highways.
  • If a permit is cancelled, you will need to obtain a RWC to get a new CPS issued.

Which vehicles are eligible?

  • Veteran – manufactured before 1 January 1919;
  • Vintage – manufactured after 31 December 1918 and before 1 January 1931
  • Classic and Historic vehicles – manufactured after 31 December 1930, but more than 25 years before the date of the application for a club permit.
  • Includes cars, trailers, trucks, and some other modified vehicles such as street rods.
  • Replicas of vehicles in the above-mentioned categories may also be eligible

Putting your car onto Club Permit Scheme for the first time:

  • Become a member of Motafrenz using the JOIN UP link.
  • Download the two required forms: Vehicle eligibility and Standards declaration for club permit vehicles form & Club permit application form.
  • Obtain a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC) for your car.
  • Contact the Club Permit Officer to organise a car inspection: permits (at) Remember to take the forms you downloaded from the VicRoads website along with your current RWC. We DO NOT charge a vehicle inspection or scrutineering fee to have your permit processed.
  • Once the car has been inspected and the forms signed, take all forms & your RWC to a VicRoads Office, pay the fees and VicRoads will issue you with your new Club plates (sometimes referred to as ‘H’ plates or red plates), windscreen sticker and logbook.
  • Once you have your Club plates be sure to email the Club Permit Officer with the plate number and the expiry date.
  • We require you and your CPS car to attend to at least ONE Motafrenz event per year.

Renewing Your Club Permit:

  • Contact our Permit Officer, Mat, email: permits (at)
  • The Permit Officer will organise to get a copy of your renewal forms and sign the VicRoads Permit Renewal and send it back to you.
  • The Club reserves the right to request to see and inspect the car at any time – including when you renew your Club Permit.
  • Remember, your Club Permit Scheme becomes invalid if you cease to be a current financial member.
  • A reminder: you and your car will have to attend to at least ONE Motafrenz event per year and your permit becomes invalid if you cease to be a current financial member.

Is your vehicle already on the Club Permit Scheme with another car club, but you want to transfer it to Motafrenz?

If you wish to transfer your club permit vehicle to our club, you must provide VicRoads with:

  • a signed letter from you (the club permit holder), advising of the change and list any club permit vehicles that you want to link to the new club.
  • a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for each vehicle from the new nominated club – contact permits (at) to arrange this.
  • a letter from the new club president, treasurer, secretary or permit scheme officer confirming that the applicant is a current member. 

You can contact our Permit Officer, by emailing: permits (at)


Click Here for More Details About VicRoads’ Club Permit Scheme

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