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Retro-event Recap: AGM 2009

With the AGM upon us this month, let’s have a look back at the Ghosts-of-AGMs-Past, with our dear friend Luna Lobotomy (a.k.a. Josh Rhodes, a.k.a Jody Johnson) who passed-away earlier this year. At the bottom of her article, you will find pictures of the 2009-10 Motafrenz Committee. How many old men can you see who were once spring chickens?!!This article and pictures first appeared in Cruise Control 16:01, August 2009.

Hello there Darlings, I’m here yet again this month to report on last month’s AGM… It was a swell affair and most importantly, thanks to the extra heaters, it was a warm affair. At one stage I almost stripped down to my bikini!!

I was chauffeured there by our answer to Ita Butrose, our lovely editor Paul, and the lovely Matt. The members arrived in record numbers this year. I heard little bits of gossip here and there, but it was actually too X Rated for the magazine; look out for my sealed section in an upcoming edition.
I was in charge of working on the Club Shop and I thank all those who purchased items and hope that everyone will purchase things at some stage. There are some great items available.

I had a few highlights thru out the night, but my major highlight was Sai Wong receiving Club Member of the Year. Every event I have attended Sai has gone out of his way to make me feel welcome and always makes sure I’m fed and watered. All this and he has to put up with our lovely Barry! At one stage during the evening, I turned around to see Barry talking to Bwad – that gave me panty pressure… My two favourite drunks under one roof – in a word “Liquid Gold”.

Gordon was sporting a brand-new car, which was lovely. The meal was delicious as it is every year, especially the yummy dessert. As I do every year, I bought raffle tickets thinking I could win big lol this year though my dreams came true, I won second prize a lovely Pyrex set of dishes that have made my husband extremely happy and now I have a few nights off, congratulations to the new committee for 2009/10.

All in all the AGM was extremely great fun – thank you to all involved in the planning etc.

Until next month – Luna signing out – Say hi to your hairdresser for me.
Luna xxx


Motafrenz Webmaster

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