Motafrenz Car Club

Australia's premier motoring club for the LGBTIQA+ community!

What is Motafrenz?

The Club is an incorporated association and was established to:

  1. Conduct motor vehicle orientated events for members of the GLBTIQ community;
  2. Organise social events for members of the Club;
  3. Communicate with other motoring clubs and/or associations with common interests and, where appropriate, co-operate and participate in joint events;
  4. Participate in events organised by the GLBTIQ community; and
  5. Promote the Club to motorists and the wider community.

The Club has around 150 members who share a common interest in, and enthusiasm for, motor vehicles of all types.

Members have a combined collection of almost 250 cars.

The Club welcomes anyone who has an interest in modern and/or classic cars. Motafrenz has always aimed to cater for a wide variety of people. So whether your car is as rare as a Roller or as cute as a Capri, Motafrenz is the club for you.

If you would like some more information on becoming a member, please click here.

Club Events

Non-members are welcome at all events. Many of our events cost nothing to attend.

Motafrenz has a very active calendar of events, with something happening almost every week.
Our monthly meetings are a good way to meet people. So are our weekend drives & lunches.

Other events include country touring, weekend trips away, restaurant nights. We also attend car shows across the State.

Motafrenz has a high profile within the LGBTIQA+ community and participates in a number of events within the Midsumma and Chillout calendars.

As a member of the Association of Motoring Clubs [AOMC], the Club promotes and actively participates in motoring displays such as the British and European, American and Australian Motoring Shows.

To see the upcoming activities, click through to the Events Page.

Affiliations and Links

Motafrenz is fully affiliated with the Association of Motoring Clubs – Victoria’s peak body for the classic car movement. Motafrenz offers members the benefits of the permit scheme, and membership results in the usual insurance benefits offered by other Clubs.

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