Motafrenz Car Club

Australia's premier motoring club for the LGBTIQA+ community!


Motafrenz Car Club Incorporated (Motafrenz) is run by a volunteer committee, who manage the business of the Club by:

  • co-ordinating an extensive program of social events throughout the year;
  • engaging with other car clubs;
  • regular communication with members;
  • administrating the Club Permit Scheme;
  • maintaining a healthy relationship with peak bodies in motoring;
  • ensuring our legal obligations as an Incorporated Association are adhered to.

The Motafrenz Committee consists of (up to) fifteen individuals, arranged into three teams with an auxilliary non-committee team called the Associate Committee. Overall headed by our President, each team and portfolio has been delegated a great deal of autonomy to perform the functions of their role. Each team has a head who the team members report to and work with, and the team heads work closely together to ensure the goals and ideals of the Club are met.

The current composition of the Motafrenz Committee is shown below:




Associate Team

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