Motafrenz Car Club Inc

Australia's oldest and largest social and motoring club for the LBTIQA+ community


As a member of the club, you are entitled to receive or view a range of documents that help the committee govern your club.

The following documents, (where possible) are linked on this page.
For those not attached, please contact the Secretary or their assistant, the Minutes and Agendas Coordinator:

To view the club’s financial documents, please contact the Treasurer.

To report a breach of the club’s Constitution, Code of Conduct, guiding principles, Privacy Policy, or any other areas of concern, please contact the Privacy, Complaints and Compliance Officer.

Members’ and Guests’ Rights and Responsibilities

By initiating or renewing your membership, or by participation in our events with the Motafrenz Car Club Inc. (“the Club”):

  • You agree to comply with the rules, regulations and instructions of the Club;
  • I understand these rules protect me and other members from unacceptable behaviours and can be found on the Club’s website (see above);
  • In the event of injury or illness during participation, you consent to receive medical treatment as deemed advisable by the organisers and/or first aiders present;
  • You acknowledge that you have sole responsibility for your personal possessions and equipment during all events and activities;
  • You understand your name and/or image(s) may be used in official Club media and/or social media platforms, and for external promotional material, to promote Club events and/or activities that you have attended;
  • You understand that your membership is non-transferable and non-refundable;
  • You agree to have your personal details recorded and used by the Club for official purposes only. (You may request in writing to the Secretary to be exempt from this Clause).

Annual Reports

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Committee Member Nomination
Life Membership Nomination
Member of the Year Nomination

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