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What you need to know about Privacy when writing for the Club’s publications

In brief, if you write something which includes information about another person only give First Name and do not disclose their address, phone number, email address etc. 

And remember; What gets submitted gets published. 

Members writing for the club’s website, Facebook Group, magazine or other, must be aware of the club’s privacy policy as regards publishing material which may inadvertently contain private information.  The club is not liable for any publication of private material contained within a submitted article – it is up to the person writing it to edit out such things. For full details see

Publication of photographs – if the photograph was taken in a public setting it can be published by the club. So, if someone does not want their picture published*, they need to not stand in front of the camera/phone when pictures are being taken.

*Members have the Option to state on the Joining/Renewal form that they do not want to be included on the Club Contact List. They do not have the option to say that they do not want their picture published, or their first name published. 

When you submit content to us for publication you assign us a transferrable, perpetual right to publish content without limitation. You also warrant in submitting such content that the content is owned or produced by you, or you otherwise have permission to assign publication rights to us. Publication rights do not extend to fields specifically marked as private (e.g., your email address), except in cases of clear violations of our terms of use.

Content submitted by you for publication may be disclosed to all visitors to our website, and/or republished on other websites at our discretion.

If you provide personal information either of your own or someone else as part of publishable content, you warrant that you have permission to publish that information and indemnify us against any consequences resulting from the publication of that information.

And finally; If you find your personal information published on our website without your consent, please contact us immediately. 

Anthony Wiseman, Privacy and Compliance Officer; Gordon Campbell, Secretary, Motafrenz Car Club

Motafrenz Webmaster

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